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Austrian Motors, Ltd.
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 24 reviews
by Rah F on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
The customer experience at Austrian Motors is AMAZING!

The customer experience at Austrian Motors is AMAZING! I called their repair shop to schedule an appointment to have the coolant reservoir on my 2014 CLA250 checked and or possibly replaced. In turn, I dropped my car off early on a Friday morning and promptly got it back, with repairs completed later that afternoon. Which is fantastic, because same day turn around is extremely rear now in days, even for seemingly basic jobs. Lastly, the shop owner Josi was extremely pleasant, she is very informative and knowledgeable. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend Austrian Motors LTD. to anyone who's looking to have any repairs made to their Mercedes Benz."

by Adam on Austrian Motors, Ltd.

This is the place to go for Mercedes service! The owner Josi is very much hands on at this place and her service and knowledge of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is absolutely impeccable. Austrian will treat your MB like this is one of their own even if you only drive a lowly C class. Josi and her amazing crew surpass the tagline of "The Best or Nothing" and have made Mercedes Benz of Buckhead service look like a joke. I'll be back! As someone who does not need dealer service for warranty purposes (2009 C300), Austrian motors has me as a customer for life!.

by Melissa on Austrian Motors, Ltd.

I'd taken my 2005 MB to a large dealership in Buckhead who suggested the car needed some extensive and expensive work. When I told them I didn't think that work was needed, they recommended another MB shop in B'head that was a tad less. I stumbled upon Josie at Austrian motor. I called her and told her what the diagnosis was at the dealership and she advised me to get her some more information which I did. She said she would call me back which she actually did! I brought my car in, armed with my documents from the big dealership in B'head. Her team went through the diagnostics and she came out and patiently explained what was going on so that I could understand. While I was waiting, I heard other customers say how happy they were with the service. All in all, very professional but with a touch of home feeling, down to Sherlock, her lab that just adores her. I will be bringing my MB to her for service as I drove home one happy customer. Thank you, Josie. Oh, one more thing, the price was significantly less than those B'head guys!

by Warren Dixon on Austrian Motors, Ltd.

Austrian Motors has serviced my car for the past 18 years, from oil change to engine repair. Recently I had a fuel pump relay switch replaced after my car repeatedly shut down while driving. I would recommend this shop to any Mercedes Benz owner. The owner and staff have always been professional and friendly. The (receipt) paper work give a history of each previous service description per visit. This has allowed me keep track of past repair history. Great shop.

by S.D. on Austrian Motors, Ltd.

This is a very professional place and they actually use the Star Diagnostic Tool to diagnose any issues with your Mercedes. They are also online with Mercedes Benz USA. Josi is very knowledgable and experienced and operates Austrian Motors with finesse and expertise. I highly recommend this business.

by Michael Parvin on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
The very best

I have been an Austrian Motors customer since 1994 and not once have the staff failed to deliver excellent service. Personable, reliable, trustworthy, honest to a fault! Recently, I started having my latest Mercedes, now out of warranty, serviced by Austrian. Service detected the oil leak overlooked and denied by the dealership and when the check engine light came on after the dealer repaired the leak, Austrian evaluated the problem and gave me a report and insisted I go back to the dealer because the report pointed toward problems with the initial repair. Wow, talk about trustworthy and honest! A big thank you to Josi and all the Austrian Motors staff for many years of the best service anywhere. You deserve a 10 star rating.

by Michael P. on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
Highly Satisfied

I am a highly satisfied customer of Austrian Motors since 1994 I can, without reservation, give them my highest praise for excellent service, customer care, honesty, reliability, and dependibility. i began with Austrian when I asked them to evaluate a 1985 300CD that I was interested in purchasing. later, I purchased another 300CD and a 560SL and now they service my 2007 E320 Bluetec. The quality of their service is impecable as is their communication with the owner. I have yet to be disappointed with any part of their service and do not expect to ever be.This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

by Mercedes Owner on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
8 years of excellence

I've been taking my 2007 Mercedes C Class to Austrian Motor Works for about 5 years. Everyone there is highly competent and very friendly. Most importantly to me, they are trustworthy. At a recent visit, they did not charge me for a service that I expected to be expensive. I fully trust them to only do work that is needed and to charge appropriately for the work done. I highly recommend, especially for older Mercedes. My C class has 240,000 miles on it, which is a testament to the care Austrian Motor Works has put into it.

by Manuel Koslitsch on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
Best car shop for your mercedes

I brought my 2002 ML500 to an other shop first. One with big shiny windows so you think you have to be a part of the high society. This shop told me I need a new transmission. Estimated this work between $7000-$10.000. This is pretty much the death call for a 2002 car.

After a little bit research I found Austrian motors in the web I thought just give it a try. Called in and was able to bring my car in on the same day. Josy took directly care and my care went straight on diagnostic. 30 minutes later again the information it's the transmission. I was waiting for the estimate of $7000+. Joey told me the price of about $4000, a smile came up. This is a possible and afford able repair and still makes sense to do this to the car. Appointment one week later and I also got an extra priority in the shop because I needed the car 3 days later back.

To shorten this a little bit. Car was in the shop and I received a call from Josy. She started with the sentence "Why do you want to replace this transmission". From there she just made my day. The mechanic found oil and water in the transmission control unit. Cleans it out and went for a test drive. No shifting issues. Austrian motors just made an transmission service and my ML500 shifts like a champ. This shop really looks into the problems of the car and only fixes what is necessary, every other shop would have given me a new transmission. Big thank you to the team of Austrian motors. I definitely come back to get my car taken care of.

by William S. on Austrian Motors, Ltd.
Great service!

Both of my experiences here have been wonderful! Very friendly customer service, and compared to other shops a very high value for the service and parts you get. They have been very honest about what needs to be repaired or not repaired. They aren't trying to sell you on something you don't need or find "bugs" that aren't really there. I highly recommend them anytime you are in need, from big to small!

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