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The Importance of the Mercedes Benz Owners Manual

The importance of your maintenance manual

It’s extremely important for the long-term health of your Mercedes-Benz, and for the safety of you and your passengers, that you have your vehicle serviced according to its regular maintenance intervals. That’s why you should keep your vehicle’s maintenance manual readily at hand. It specifies which vehicle services our Mercedes-Benz technician will perform during each routine service visit.

We recommend you consult Austrian Motors for information about your particular vehicle’s scheduled service needs.

Required vehicle maintenance for model year 2009 or newer

As of model year 2009, Mercedes-Benz vehicles follow a maintenance schedule of 10,000-mile or 12-month intervals, whichever occurs first. Required maintenance is the routine service necessary to keep your vehicle in peak operating condition, and to help avoid damage to your vehicle. For all other model years, refer to your maintenance manual for specific maintenance schedule information.

When you take your Mercedes-Benz to our facility in West-Midtown Atlanta, near Buckhead, our Mercedes-Benz Techs will complete all routine maintenance. Our technicians use specialized tools, instruments, technical literature, original quality Mercedes-Benz Parts, and unmatched technical training to service your vehicle. They follow your maintenance manual in detail to ensure that everything is checked on schedule.

Your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Manual specifies exactly what services your Mercedes-Benz technician will perform at each routine service visit.

View your Maintenance Manual

Recommended maintenance for model year 2009 and newer

In addition to regular required maintenance, recommended maintenance advice is a service meant to provide you with additional maintenance tips for your vehicle based on its specific needs or recommendations from your nearest Mercedes-Benz repair and service center.

Beyond any specific recommendations from a Mercedes-Benz technician, be sure to check the following items regularly, as well as prior to any long trip:

Engine oil level

Coolant level

Brake system fluid level (If brake fluid needs to be added, see us to determine the cause.)

Windshield washing system (Add washer fluid mixed with Mercedes-Benz windshield washer solvent/concentrate, test function, and check wiper blades.)

Tire pressure (Check at least every other week.)

If relevant to your vehicle’s configuration, regular tire rotation should also be performed at each recommended interval, or at the first signs of irregular (uneven) tread wear. A tire inspection can help determine the need for tire rotation, something that can occur at least once between regular maintenance intervals. Consult AUSTRIAN MOTORS Mercedes-Benz REPAIR & SERVICE for specific recommendations.


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