Mercedes-Benz’s Latest Safety Innovation

What’s Pink Noise?

If you’ve ever been in a wreck, you may have endured slight or severe hearing loss following that deafening crunch of the collision. Mercedes Benz has created a solution to combat that occurrence.

 If you hadn’t had enough reasons to love Mercedes, here’s one more. 

Mercedes engineers are combining noise technology with their latest models. Their intent? They want to prevent hearing damage, by blasting “Pink Noise” when the vehicle determines; there will be an impact.

How does Pink Noise prevent hearing damage? 

By emitting pink noise, a reflex in the body is triggered, “known as the acoustic reflex, or stapedius reflex. When the stapedius muscle flexes, it weakens the connection between the eardrum and the inner ear, so that some proportion of the sound never reaches the inner ear.” 

Normally this reflex wouldn’t protect your ear from damage. However, “Mercedes-Benz engineers (have) decided to use a short blast of pink noise in the seconds before impact, to trigger the desired acoustic reflex just before the” wreck. The pink noise deploys at roughly 80 decibels, a signal equivalent to the level of noise heard at the side of a busy road. 

Mercedes-Benz's Latest Safety Innovation- Pink Noise Safety technology - Austrian Motors in Atlanta, Georgia

Why choose Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes engineers have made history over the years, incorporating groundbreaking technology into their vehicles — many of these new developments specifically targeting safety measures for drivers on the road. This small innovative noise feature is yet another advancement that protects drivers. If you’ve been debating purchasing a Mercedes-Benz, there has never been a better time than now. 

If you already own a Mercedes-Benz, you know how important it is to regular maintenance them.

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