Take Advantage Of Mercedes Service Specials To Prevent Common Issues

2019 Mercedes Service and Repair Specials

Mercedes Service Specials for this winter give Atlanta’s Mercedes Owners the opportunity to SAVE and prevent common issues. We want to help keep you safe for upcoming road trips for the holidays. 

Austrian Motors Mercedes-Benz November & December 2018 Special for a Winter Inspection Now Only $125

Common Mercedes Issues that can happen during any season

✽ Dead Battery:

The last thing that you want to happen when you get into your Mercedes is for the car not to start, or worse get stuck in standstill traffic on I-75, and your car dies. Now you pray that the Tow truck does not take 2 hours and that this issue is only battery related. Replacing a battery is not expensive, but Alternator problems could be a lot more costly. We recommend bringing your vehicle to Austrian Motors for a thorough check before all season changes and even in-between regular Mercedes service increments and scheduled maintenance. A diagnostic checkup can often prevent costly future Mercedes repair.  We are currently offering Mercedes Winter Check-Ups for only $125 

✽ Stuck Convertible Tops -Summer Season is officially gone and we are freezing

Convertible issues are not pleasant during the winter months. Bring your Mercedes to Austrian Motors for a winter inspection asap if you sense the slightest issue with your Mercedes-Benz

All summer long we have been showing off and driving with the top down sure was a lot of fun. Of course, most of us did not worry about checking to make sure that the convertible top retracted properly and locked afterward. Now we must make sure that the top is properly closed and locked during winter weather conditions. You can ask our team to do so during your service visit, or book an appointment especially, for your convertible top issues. Austrian Motors can help you with all your Mercedes Service and Repair needs and we want to hear from you for even the slightest issue. Often the repair or service needed for your convertible top is due to an electrical issue that will not go away on its own. We recommend that all older model convertibles be checked with every season change to assure top functionality.

✽ Rodents can be an issue during every season 

In the heat of the summer or during the cooler weather it’s common for Atlanta residents to face rodent issues and not just in their yards and homes. Your Mercedes-Benz provides a cool shaded place for rodents as well as a warm place to nest.

At Austrian Motors, we find rodents are especially attracted to the wire coatings on the engine and wiring harness and coolant system components such as expansion tanks that contain the engine coolant. Rodents tend to chew on these components in various places which can cause electrical issues that are challenging to diagnose and repair. We are online with MBUSA, which helps us streamline potential electrical issues. 

Although there is no practical way to prevent rodent damage, there are a few precautions that can be taken. First, if you have pets, do not store your pet food in the garage with your Mercedes. We have found evidence of pet food, such as dry cat food and pet treats hidden away in engine compartments. Second, look for any signs of rodents being present. Typically, you will find some traces such as animal food or treats in places they do not belong. 

Also look for any signs of rodents being present. Typically, you will find some traces such as animal food or treats in places they do not belong grass that has been brought inside for nesting or rodent droppings.  If you see any of these signs, bring your Mercedes to us for immediate inspection. Don’t worry, we have been in GA for over 40 years and understand this issue better than you think. 

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