Mercedes Safety Tips – Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance – Mercedes Safety Tips & Road Safety in Atlanta

Why is tire maintenance so important? The tires are the only thing between your Mercedes-Benz and the road.  American’s have been in love with driving even before cars were a reality. Back in the horse and buggy times, you needed to have your wooden wheels changed and rotated. Same as back then, today’s vehicles need to be maintained and tire maintenance is a major factor in keeping your vehicle safe.  

Tire Maintenance is important to prevent Mercedes Auto Repair Independent Shop Versus Dealer

Most drivers do not understand the importance of regularly having tire maintenance performed on their Mercedes-Benz vehicles and how maintenance on your tires directly affect road safety. On rainy days in Atlanta, you will often see cars hydro-planing due to lack of maintenance on the tires of the vehicle. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest that tires are at least partially responsible for some 11,000 traffic crashes each year. Road safety in Atlanta is becoming increasingly less important to all types of drivers. Road safety should begin with your tires since they are the first to hit the road.

Tire Maintenance Article for Mercedes-Benz Owners

Tire Maintenance and Safety Tips 2018 

It’s important to rotate the tires on the vehicle every 5-7,000 miles. You can find details about Tire Maintenance and requirements for your vehicle’s service intervals in your owners manual. Today’s front-wheel-drive Mercedes Automobiles can cause the steer tires to wear at a faster rate than the tires on the rear axle.

4 Ways to Care For Your Tires

Most people in Atlanta are unsure of how to maintain their tires, follow us on FB and Like our page for live notifications concerning your vehicle’s safety. Austrian Motors of Atlanta and their team of Mercedes-Benz mechanics will help you take of your vehicle’s tires, and increase their longevity.  Today, cars and trucks are as important to our lives as they have ever been, providing freedom, mobility, and a greater sense of security for most people in the United States. Despite that abiding love affair, many  Americans remain sometimes dangerously unaware of the importance of tire maintenance for their Mercedes-Benz Automobile.

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A few keys things to help with your Tire Maintenance include:

  1.  Inflate your tires: It is important to use a tire pressure gauge to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Inflation is important for proper road grip, handling, and braking.
  2. Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment: Your owner’s manual will offer guidance about the recommended schedule for rotations, and you should follow those instructions. Regular rotations can protect your tires from irregular wear and improve their longevity. You should have your wheel alignment checked by professionals each year, or any time that you are worried that the alignment may be off. For example, if you find your car pulling to one side, there is a good chance that your wheels are misaligned.
  3. Visual Inspection – Monitor wear: Keep an eye out for tread wear, since any damage to your treads can cause hydroplaning and other issues. One quick test involves using a penny to measure the wear. Simply take a penny and insert it into the tire tread. If the tires are worn to the point where you can see any part of President Lincoln’s head, you should start thinking about getting new tires.

Be Car Care Aware and keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Tire Maintenance and Safety Commitment by Austrian Motor’s Team

Road Safety and Tire Maintenance Tips by Austrian Motors and DGM Global Marketing Solutions


Austrian Motor’s Team” is committed to providing Road Safety tips to their Mercedes-Benz customers in and around Atlanta. Tire Maintenance is often ignored until you are stranded on the road. We want you to be safe and enjoy your road trips to come without endangering the lives of you, your family, and others. 

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Article: The Importance of Tire Maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz Road Safety 2018.