8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop

Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop!

A number of Mercedes-Benz owners treat their automobile like their baby – and you wouldn’t take your baby to any physician, would you? You’d want to ask a few questions, meet the doctor, visit the office, and read several reviews before making a final selection. Once you choose a physician for your child, you want to keep the same doctor for as long as possible. Why? Because they know your baby more than anyone else. Choosing a Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop involves many of the same steps!

What are some of the questions you’d like to ask a Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop before visiting? In this article, we’re going to answer eight questions in terms of our own shop, Austrian Motors. Not local to the Atlanta area? Consider asking your nearest repair shop the same questions.

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Do They Have Access to Factory Diagnostic Tools?

The Star Diagnostic Tool is a specialized OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) reader calibrated specifically for Mercedes-Benz. How does it work? By reading the messages sent when your check engine light illuminates.

Check engine lights are frightening. Unfortunately, the check engine light does not give the driver an exact diagnosis of what is wrong, or which part of the engine needs to be checked. The check engine light is simply designed to let the Mercedes-Benz owner know there is a potential problem.

Austrian Motors recommends you schedule an appointment immediately and allow our mechanics to utilize the Star Diagnostic Tool to determine the exact issue. In many service centers, you’ll find a standard, run-of-the-mill OBD reader. This works fine for many cars. However, your Mercedes-Benz needs something a little more fine-tuned.

A standard OBD reader cannot decipher some of the basic information being transmitted, such as the make and model of your car. This can lead mechanics to a false diagnosis. The technology behind the Star Diagnostic Tool allows its user to pinpoint the exact location of any malfunction in the Mercedes-Benz, regardless of the make, model, or generation.

Without the Star Diagnostic Tool, mechanics can only offer a stab in the dark, potentially leaving the real problem unsolved. 

How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?

While a variety of start-up shops are impressive, experience is key. Even if your local Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop hasn’t been around long, its employed technicians should have decades of combined experience in the field. Since our shop has been open since 1974, our team has more than forty years of experience. We’ve also been BOSCH Authorized for more than twenty-five years!

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Is This a Legitimate Business?

While it might be obvious that you shouldn’t take your Mercedes-Benz to be repaired in someone’s garage or backyard, it’s also important to conduct research on local repair shops. Unfortunately, there are businesses that will make false promises, bad diagnoses, and cheap repairs. These companies aren’t legitimate, and they don’t deserve your money. Usually, bad reviews will paint these businesses in their proper light.

Who Works on Vehicles?

Any Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop worth its salt will have expert technicians working on your vehicle at all times. Our team has been comprised of Master Mechanics since 1976. We have a passion for customer care and refuse to expose your vehicle to anything less than the best.

What Kind of Parts Are Used?

Would you want your child to take less-than-the-best medicine? Probably not. It wouldn’t really get the job done. Instead, you’d be left with a lighter wallet and a sick baby.

Mercedes-Benz Repair should only be completed using premium and quality parts that can help maintain your vehicle’s value and performance. We use Factory Quality Parts backed by BOSCH Auto Service. These parts have a two-year extended warranty. 

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Is The Owner Accessible?

If you can’t speak to the owner, you shouldn’t visit the shop. At Austrian Motors, Josi is available and actively involved in day-to-day repairs. 

Josi Waldschuetz is originally from Austrian. She has been leading the team at our Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop for more than fifteen years. The shop was first opened by Josi and her husband Rudi. In 1998, Josi committed to leading the company into the future by providing premium customer service to new and existing Mercedes-Benz owners. 

Our shop is one of Atlanta’s oldest family owned and operated repair shops for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Josi holds the team to high standards – and our customers love it. We even have a family pet! Sherlock was rescued by Atlanta Lab Rescue and adopted by Josi in 2014.

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Are They Insured?

Never visit a repair shop that isn’t insured! There are too many legal and financial issues that could arise after your repair – if that repair is even completed properly in the first place. Austrian Motors is licensed and insured in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do They Work Exclusively on Mercedes-Benz Vehicles?

While you don’t necessarily need to take your Mercedes-Benz to a shop that works solely on those automobiles, we suggest giving your baby the best care by choosing a business that works exclusively on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The technicians at these shops have a more well-rounded knowledge of Benz automobiles. They have the ability to answer complex questions without needing to reference a manual or look under the hood. This has been their area of expertise for years. Who could be better suited for your baby?

Our team has worked exclusively on Mercedes-Benz vehicles since our opening in 1974.

In Closing

At Austrian Motors, we care deeply about the well-being of your Mercedes-Benz. As a Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop, we focus on passion, customer care, and ongoing improvement. To learn more about our company, or to schedule an appointment, call (404)-998-4396. For more useful tips and tricks about our shop and your vehicle, read our blog posts. You can also visit our specials page for ongoing deals that will save you cash.

Since 1974, we’ve served the Greater Atlanta Community. We hope to serve you, too!