What You Need to Know About Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz

Are You Planning on Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz?

Do you own a Mercedes already and now you realize that it costs more than you anticipated?

Knowledge is your best defense against buying a used Mercedes-Benz can be a money pit machine. Finding the right Mercedes that will last “forever” takes time and research. You also might want to consider bringing in to us or someone like us to do a pre-purchase inspection before making the final decision.  Don’t just buy a used Mercedes-Benz because the seller is letting it go very cheap, or you just have to drive a “luxury vehicle” like we all love to do in Atlanta. You need to decide if the car has been maintained, check vehicle history report and do a good inspection of the car.

Is it worth buying a used Mercedes-Benz? What if it is a 5,10, or 15-year-old Mercedes-Benz?

Luxury vehicles can often depreciate at a higher rate than economy cars. This fact makes them very appealing in the used car market. That’s why the initial purchase price when buying a used Mercedes-Benz is not your primary problem. Mercedes-Benz cars have a reputation for being able to run forever! (Beware, the expense might be in the maintenance).

The truth about buying a used Mercedes-Benz! Buying a used Mercedes-Benz means you have to keep the vehicle well maintained and be prepared for costly repairs

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are truly machines – that means maintenance is not an option

The truth is that certain Mercedes-Benz engines and transmissions can still run “forever.” While others models and trims don’t live up to the Mercedes-Benz motto: “The best or nothing” Mercedes-Benz by no means are trouble-free cars like they used to be in the 80s and 90s. Well, even then they weren’t quite trouble free, but they were the cars that set the bar higher.  In the recent years, Mercedes-Benz cars have advanced even more with sophisticated and cutting-edge technology.

Before buying a used Mercedes-Benz, consider this.

Who will maintain and service your Mercedes?

  • Mercedes-Benz Dealer
  • Independent Auto Repair Shop, Like Us!
  • Yourself (If you’re an MB Tech)

If you own a ten-year-old Mercedes-Benz E-Class or S-Class, you’ll quickly realize that specific car mechanics even at the dealerships don’t want to work on them because they are not familiar with these automobiles. Little do they know that working on a Mercedes-Benz is more fun, rewarding and even easier than working on other model cars. However, it is not worth the risk, if you can find an independent in your town that you can rely on.  

Don’t let this article scare you away from buying a used Mercedes-Benz though. If you love the make and have the income to maintain, treat yourself to a Mercedes-Benz. You think you may be able to maintain a used Mercedes-Benz yourself, but unless you have access to proper diagnostic tools such as a star diagnostic tool made explicitly for MB Cars, you might just be better of researching the vehicle and then taking it to a qualified mechanic, or better yet an independent specialist.

A place that specializes in MB vehicles is especially advantageous because that means they usually have access to Mercedes-Benz Tools. I know here at Austrian Motors we take pride in staying up to date with the information needed and we are online with Mercedes-Benz USA.

One thing we noticed about special packages like AMG kits, is that consumers do not realize that a $90,000 vehicle can be expensive to maintain for more than one reason. An oil-change can be costly due to the labor involved when it comes to sports packages.

Mercedes Specials Mercedes Benz CareYou should have seen our mechanic on many occasions working hours to disassemble and reassemble parts on an AMG Package, just to get to the oil filter.  We have had clients that were unprepared to pay a few hundred dollars for scheduled maintenance on their Mercedes-Benz, but they were driving a $100,000 plus vehicle. We think it is just the lack of knowledge when it comes to the actual expense of parts and repairs, no matter where you take your vehicle, you want to make sure that the place is qualified and has experience when it comes to Mercedes-Benz. Good record keeping, discounts, and honest talk will help too.We know all too well about the half-truths being told when those car sales are being made.

So when you buy a used Mercedes-Benz be aware that you are purchasing a Luxury Vehicle that will require maintenance and repairs that can get costly. You can’t take shortcuts when it comes to maintaining your Mercedes but you do have a choice when it comes to finding a qualified Mercedes-Benz specialist that is honest and upfront with you about your vehicle. If you live in the Atlanta area, look us up.  

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