Your Independent Shop Versus Dealer

Using Your Independent Shop Versus Dealer

The Advantages of Using Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialists

When the time comes for warranty-related work on your Mercedes-Benz, it isn’t difficult to make the choice: Your vehicle goes back to the dealer. However, when your Mercedes-Benz needs general maintenance and routine service, choosing an Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialist can save you both time and money without voiding your warranty. We suggest building your relationship with a qualified Mercedes-Benz Repair Shop because, eventually, your warranty will end. When that time comes, you want to be prepared. In this article, we’re going to discuss Independent Shop Versus Dealer Factors and what you should consider when making your choice.

Independent Shop Versus Dealer Mercedes Auto RepairSaving Money

Often, Independent Mercedes-Benz Repair Shops are more competitively priced than Dealer Service Centers. You’ll save in two major categories – parts and labor. A third-party mechanic will use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Replacement Parts; in other words, the same parts created by the manufacturer that licensed them to Mercedes-Benz. These parts can save you at least twenty percent and, quite often, more. In addition, Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialists offer a lower hourly rate, promising significant savings on major repairs. Keep in mind, however, that well-respected specialists may charge the same or more than Dealer Service Centers. Do your research before choosing an Independent Shop Versus Dealer.

Meeting Experienced Technicians

You’ll find that Independent Mercedes-Benz Repair Shops are run by technicians trained to work with Mercedes-Benz Vehicles. Dealer Service Centers work with a variety of vehicles, often lacking the expertise your automobile deserves. After all, your Mercedes-Benz isn’t a minivan. For many Mercedes-Benz owners, years of patience, research, and care preceded the purchase of their vehicle. Why throw that effort away when faced with maintenance issues? As a Mercedes-Benz owner, you have an opportunity to access more experienced technicians for a better price. You can also have your vehicle serviced by the same technician each time you visit, unlike a Dealer Service Center. The technician will familiarize himself/herself with your vehicle and your driving habits. Building a relationship with the man or woman working under your hood is far superior to working with a Dealer Service Advisor.

Mercedes Auto Repair Independent Shop Versus DealerConvenience

Another Independent Shop Versus Dealer Factor is convenience. There are Independent Mercedes-Benz Repair Shops all over the country. You can likely find a shop closer to your home than a Dealer Service Center – and with more experienced technicians. If you’re worried about amenities, don’t be. Many Independent Mercedes-Benz Repair Shops offer comfortable customer lounges, internet access, loaner or rental vehicles, and shuttles. Convenience can help you save valuable time when your Mercedes-Benz needs service as soon as possible.

Avoiding Dealership Marketing Tactics

Have you noticed that dealerships are expanding their marketing campaigns to draw retail customers to the dealership for service? New car profits are at a historic low. Therefore, service departments are stepping up to the plate in an attempt to become profitable for the dealership to survive. At one time, warranty work represented seventy percent of service done at dealerships. Now, that figure has fallen to just twenty percent. Cars are made better and last longer.

Dealership technicians are generally paid according to a flat rate. When a job is given, the clock starts. No matter how quickly the job is completed, the technician is paid the same. This rewards highly-skilled technicians. Unfortunately, it also means technicians are hurrying to meet a quota. They may be reluctant to work on complex vehicles because the job may take longer. This increases the probability of corners being cut.

At Independent Mercedes-Benz Repair Shops, technicians are paid an hourly wage, allowing them to focus on customer service – not quotas!

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Recent Reviews

Call Austrian Motors at (404)-800-4783 for more information about Independent Shop Versus Dealer Factors. You can read our Google Reviews here.

Below, we’ve shared some recent reviews from our loyal customers:

Five Star Review – Vlad P. (October 2017) – I started going to Austrian Motors after I bought a 1983 300D and saw another one in their yard. I’ve had nothing but the best experiences here. They have a mechanic that specializes in older models. Since then, he’s updated my air conditioning system to the modern refrigerant, fixed odds and ends – like a stuck throttle cable – and, of course, oil changes and services. He’s always smiling and tops off my oil every time I bring it in. Josi, the owner, is very nice and I’ve even run into her at car shows with her own car. I’ve enjoyed this place so much I recently also started servicing my other modern Mercedes here instead of the dealership. The first time I was in they found a missing bolt in the steering system that the dealership never noticed. A major safety issue. Josi took a picture of it, immediately sent it to me, and fixed it right away. Incredibly happy with this place and would recommend to all!

Five Star Review – Adam W. (December 2017) – This is the place to go for Mercedes service! The owner, Josi, is very much hands-on at this place. Her service and knowledge of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are absolutely impeccable. Austrian will treat your MB like this is one of their own, even if you only drive a lowly C class. Josi and her amazing team surpass the tagline of “The Best or Nothing” and have made Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead Service look like a joke. I’ll be back!

Five Star Review – Warren D. (June 2017) – Austrian Motors has serviced my car for the past eighteen years, from oil changes to engine repair. Recently, I had a fuel pump relay switch replaced after my car repeatedly shut down while driving. I would recommend this shop to any Mercedes-Benz owner. The owner and staff have always been professional and friendly.