Five Steps to Mercedes Auto Repair

Five Steps to Mercedes Auto Repair

As Told By Austrian Motors Experts

Does your precious vehicle desperately need Mercedes Auto Repair? We’re here to help at Austrian Motors, Atlanta’s Trusted Choice for Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair. At our shop, we like to keep customers informed. In this article, we’re going to walk you through each step of the Mercedes Auto Repair process, starting the moment you catch a possible problem.

Let’s get started!

Mercedes Auto RepairStep One: Catch Possible Problems

Recognizing a serious problem with your Mercedes-Benz can be difficult when you aren’t sure what constitutes a genuine engine, transmission, or body problem. Fortunately, we’re here to help identify the warning signs. Your vehicle might have a problem if:

  • You have trouble triggering the ignition.
  • You notice odd smells, noises, or liquids coming from your transmission.
  • Your car shakes or stutters while you drive.
  • Your car radio, A/C, or heat refuses to work.
  • Turning has become particularly difficult.
  • Switching gears make your vehicle “unhappy.”
  • Something has physically broken, like a side mirror or door.

These are signs of major (and minor) problems. If you experience these issues, you should schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. The following major red flags warrant an immediate visit:

  • Your engine is shaking violently, even when it runs.
  • There is smoke (black, white, or blue) coming from your engine.
  • Despite taking it easy, your Mercedes-Benz overheats regularly.
  • Your engine is abnormally loud/obnoxious.
  • There is a puddle of oil underneath your vehicle.
  • Your check engine light has come on.

Step Two: Schedule an Appointment

Once you’ve determined your Mercedes-Benz has an issue, continue the Mercedes Auto Repair Process at Austrian Motors. Schedule an appointment online or call our team of experts at (404)-998-4457. If you have a minor concern, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. If you’ve noticed one of our major red flags, especially smoke or engine problems, come to our shop as soon as possible. We specialize in Diagnostics, Transmission Repair, and Mercedes-Benz Maintenance.

Not experiencing any serious problems? You can still visit Austrian Motors for General Service and Repair. After all, your Mercedes-Benz deserves the best. 

Mercedes Auto RepairStep Three: Visit Our Mercedes Auto Repair Experts

During your allotted appointment time, visit our team of Mercedes Auto Repair Experts. Our team has decades of personal experience. We are proud to be one of Atlanta’s Oldest Family Owned and Operated Independent Dealerships for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles. We have worked exclusively with Mercedes-Benz Vehicles since 1974. Our technicians are prepared to handle any request you might have.

Step Four: Determine a Course of Action

While visiting with our Mercedes-Benz Experts, you’ll determine a course of action for your vehicle. Whether you need preventative maintenance such as oil changes or fluid refills – or major/minor repairs – we’re prepared to help. We believe that including our customers in the decision-making process is essential to success. We’ll present a list of options moving forward and you’ll choose the route that works best for your budget and vehicle. For a complete summary of our services, continue reading.

Step Five: Practice Ongoing Maintenance

Once your vehicle has been repaired, we insist on practicing ongoing maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz. Bring your beauty to our shop for recommended tune-ups and oil changes. We’ll keep your baby repaired and ready for anything.

Your Warranty

As a Mercedes-Benz Owner, you may not realize that you can have your Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair work completed by an independent service center for a reasonable cost without affecting your warranty.

Austrian Motors is online with Mercedes-Benz USA and uses factory diagnostic equipment. Warranty work is not offered at Austrian Motors. However, immediately after your warranty expires, we offer a free oil change to first-time customers.

Mercedes Auto Repair

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Summary of Services Offered

  • Factory Recommended Maintenance
  • Major and Minor Repairs (Extended Warranty for Bosch Parts)
  • Transmission Rebuilds (Best Warranty in Atlanta)
  • Transmission Service and Repair
  • Mercedes Factory Diagnostics
  • Window Tinting
  • Installation of GPS and Audio Equipment
  • Competitive Prices
  • Immediate Attention
  • Estimates Before Work is Completed
  • Extensive Record Keeping
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Original Quality Mercedes-Benz Parts
  • Customer Lounge and Shuttle Bus Service
  • 24/7 Towing Service for Emergencies
  • Loaner Cars When Available
  • Stress-Free Financing for Services $299 or More!

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Our Staff at Austrian Motors

At Austrian Motors, our service manager and factory-trained technicians have nearly one hundred years of combined experience. Our specialty Mercedes Technician Ernst has been at Austrian Motors since 1976. He originally came from Austria and has the experience and knowledge that can only be earned with time and training. We are a Bosch Authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Center with a Passion for Service and Mercedes Auto Repair. Josi Waldschuetz is the owner and operator of Austrian Motors. She makes sure her customers receive the care they deserve when it comes to their Mercedes-Benz Automobile.

Austrian Motors offers many conveniences and is located in the heart of West Midtown Atlanta near Buckhead. WiFi, Coffee, and Shuttle Services are available to all Austrian Motors Customers. In addition, if a loaner car is available, the team at Austrian Motors is glad to help out. Need a manual for your Mercedes-Benz Automobile? Need to know about a recall on a specific model? Not a problem.

Call for more information about Mercedes Auto Repair at (404)-998-4457. Claim your discount for the holiday season today!