Mercedes Benz Technology and Diagnostic Tools

Mercedes Benz Technology and Diagnostic Tools

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The Star Diagnostic Tool is a specialized OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) reader that is calibrated specifically for “Mercedez Benz.” This Diagnostic Tool is another Mercedes Benz Technology that is available to a few select independent repair shops in the United States.

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Why Mercedes Benz Technology is Important For Mercedes Owners

The Star Diagnostic Tool works by reading the messages sent when your check engine light illuminates. Check engine lights are frightening. Unfortunately, the check engine light does not give you – the driver – an exact diagnosis on what is wrong or which part of the engine needs to be checked. The check engine light is simply designed to let you know there is a potential problem. Austrian Motors recommends you schedule an appointment immediately after noticing a check engine light and allow our mechanics to utilize the Star Diagnostics Tool to determine the exact issue.

In many centers, the go-to diagnostic tool is a run-of-the-mill OBD reader. This works fine for many vehicles. However, your Mercedes needs fine-tuned equipment to be properly diagnosed. A standard OBD reader cannot decipher some of the basic information being transmitted, such as the make and model of your car, and can, therefore, lead mechanics to a false diagnosis. The technology behind the Star Diagnostic Tool allows its user to pinpoint the exact location of any malfunction in the Mercedes, regardless of make, model, or generation. 

Without the Star Diagnostic Tool, mechanics can only offer a shot in the dark diagnosis – potentially leaving the real problem unsolved. Fortunately, at Austrian Motors, we utilize a fully up-to-date Star Diagnostic Tool. Our qualified Mercedes Benz Technicians are experienced and know how to use the Star Diagnostic Tool to find both simple and complex issues. Bringing your Mercedes to our shop for servicing means impressive treatment and confidence that, when you drive away, you’ll know your Mercedes Benz was properly diagnosed and repaired. 

Mercedes Benz Attention Assist

Austrian Motors in Atlanta, GA shares Mercedes Benz Safety Features and the latest Mercedes Benz Technology. New Mercedes models may have Attention Assist to alert drivers on the roadway. You want to make sure this tool remains fully-functional while on road trips. What is Attention Assist? It’s an industry-first technology designed to alert drivers when they begin showing signs of fatigue behind the wheel. The system not only makes the driver aware of behavior that may be influenced by drowsiness but also helps drivers correct their errors. 

How Does Mercedes Benz Attention Assist Work?

When you own a Mercedes Benz, long trips don’t seem quite so daunting. With superior comfort and ride quality, exceptional sound, and ample horsepower to keep things exciting, a Mercedes Benz will change the way you look at length business travel or weekend trips back to visit the folks. No matter how great the driving experience, though, long trips are prone to drowsiness. To help drivers recognize inattentive driving due to fatigue, Mercedes Benz developed Attention Assist, one of the many active safety features available in new models.

Driver fatigue may sound like a difficult thing to monitor but, much like Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist have helped drivers be more aware of their surroundings, Mercedes Benz Attention Assist helps drivers be more aware of themselves.

How does it work? It all starts within a few minutes of entering your vehicle. Soon after you start your journey, the system creates a profile of you – the driver – recognizing your behavior when you are fully alert. That profile is then used as the basis for comparison throughout the rest of the drive.

The Attention Assist program uses a highly sensitive sensor that monitors and records steering movement and speed. Research done by Mercedes Benz showed that, when drivers are fatigued, they will change their steering behaviors and make more errors, which are generally corrected quickly. When Attention Assist recognizes the vehicle drifting and being quickly readjusted back onto the center of the road, or notices a change in driving behavior, it will check several other parameters to see if the change is due to fatigue or something else.

Take a moment to watch the Mercedes Benz USA Safety Assist Video.

Mercedes Benz Attention Assist will examine things like time spent behind the wheel, driver activity, weather, and road surface influences – in addition to a variety of other factors that may be causing irregular behavior. If the system determines drowsiness is the cause, it will send an audible and visible alert, letting the driver know the time has come to take a break.

While Mercedes Benz offers a number of technologies to help drivers be more aware of their surroundings, Attention Assist is the only technology that helps drivers monitor their own behavior. Contact Austrian Motors in Midtown Atlanta for all your Mercedes Benz Technology and Service needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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Mercedes Benz Technology Mercedes Benz Technology

Mercedes Benz Technology

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