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October is Car Care Awareness Month

We pride ourselves in providing EXCELLENT CARE for all Your Mercedes Repair & Service Needs!

Every October and April is Car Care Awareness Month. During these two months, the industry works together to help Car Owners including Mercedes-Benz owners remain safe and assure longevity of their vehicles.  At Austrian Motors, your Independent Service Professional in Midtown Atlanta, we provide the services your vehicle needs to run smoothly.

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Car Care Awareness means:

Preparing ahead of time, before the temperature drops, can ensure small problems are fixed – along with wear and tear from long summer drives. We want to make Mercedes-Benz owners aware about pre-winter inspection and maintenance needs, so we can help keep you safe on the roadway, avoiding collisions and preventing you from being stranded in upcoming winter conditions. Though Atlanta weather is usually mild when it comes to Winter conditions, occasionally we get surprised and are not prepared. Also if you are traveling north for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year, you do not want to take any chances. 

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Keep your family safe during October Safety Month with Independent Service Professionals.

The Truth About Your Mercedes-Benz Warranty

As the owner of a USED or NEW MERCEDES-BENZ,  you certainly want to make the right decisions about proper maintenance to ensure your vehicle serves you well throughout its life. You don’t want to do anything to compromise the warranty of your vehicle, either. What you may not know is that you trusted, local Independent Service Professional can change tires on your vehicle without compromising its warranty.

 Car Care Awareness Tips and Education

Many car buyers believe they have to say goodbye to the convenience and relationship they’ve built with a trusted, local, independent garage until their new car warranty expires. The truth is nothing in a new car warranty compels you to return to the dealer alone for regular maintenance. While descriptions in the owner manual may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, what you’ll notice upon reading is that – while they may contain a schedule of regular maintenance service items – they don’t specify where each service should be performed. 

Austrian Motors is your go-to Independent Service Professional for Mercedes-Benz Automobiles in the Greater Atlanta area since 1974.

We are qualified to service your Mercedes-Benz Automobile. You can bring your NEW OR USED car to our shop and work with the skilled Mercedes-Benz Technicians you’ve trusted for years.

If you are the owner of any Mercedes-Benz Automobile, we suggest adhering to the factory dictated preventive maintenance for your specific model. 

October and April are two months out of the year when we honor Car Care Awareness by offering special discounts and savings to encourage Mercedes-Benz Owners to stick to their preventive maintenance.  REGISTER TO WIN SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR ALL MERCEDES SERVICE NEEDS.

Scheduled Maintenance Requirements are outlined in your manual and warranty booklet.

 If you need a new manual follow this link to find your model and year to order a replacement. USE THE TOOLS AVAILABLE BY MBUSA. You can also schedule a visit with us to find out more about your vehicle’s requirements and allow us to check out your Mercedes-Benz with our  Factory Star Diagnostic Tool. We are online with Mercedes-Benz USA. 

Did you know stress-free financing for Mercedes Service and Repair is an option? 


Care Care Awareness Month is October Atlanta Mercedes Repair Expert Bosch Car Service Financing Program- Austrian Motors Offers Stress Free Financing

 Special attention should be given to ensure that manufacturer recommended fluids are used and accurately documented in your record of service. It is also important to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz Professional of choice has access to fluids that meet the specifications required by MBUSA. NEED TO FIND A SPECIFIC RESOURCE? CLICK HERE

In addition, regular service items like replacing wiper blades, brakes, and cabin air filters do not have an impact on warranty coverage. Still, you should check to see if any service package you’ve purchased with your new vehicle includes these items. If not we are glad to help and offer competitive pricing for A, B, C & D Service. 

Most Mercedes-Benz Professionals can help you manage the required service on your  Mercedes-Benz vehicle, but not many independents have access to the factory diagnostic tool needed to properly identify your vehicle’s needs. 

Not all Automotive specialists have access to a database of service information for Mercedes-Benz.

Because we are online with MBUSA w can help you ensure that we will find the issue. We do not handle recalls and/or warranty repairs, but will be honest with you and let you know if there is a chance that your warranty will cover a specific service or repair. ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine where you’ll bring your car for service. Remember, though, that you can continue to use the same Independent Service Professional that you’ve always relied on without compromising the warranty on your vehicle.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine where you’ll bring your Mercedes-Benz for service. Remember, though, that you can continue to use the same Independent Service Professional that you’ve always relied on without compromising the warranty on your vehicle, as long as they specialize in Mercedes-Benz and follow protocol. Of course, we hope it is us that you will choose us if you live in the greater Atlanta area. 

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Be Car Care Aware

You Can Choose Your Independent Service Professional Without Harming Your Warranty 

Some things you should know:

(1) Working with your local automotive service professional, you can maintain your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s warranty while also retaining the convenience and personal service offered.

(2) Austrian Motors has access to products that meet the required specifications to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

(3) Austrian Motors has access to scheduled maintenance information needed to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

(4) Austrian Motors documents your service to ensure there are records, should there ever be a warranty-related dispute, you will have access to your service and repair records.

(5) The only services that may be required at your dealership include warranty repairs and recalls. Austrian Motors can keep you informed about these service requirements.

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Emergency Repairs

While most warranty repairs on your vehicle will be performed at a dealership, your vehicle’s warranty may provide exceptions for this issue in the event of an unexpected breakdown while traveling. Check your manual for more information!

Austrian Motors is here to keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly. Schedule an appointment using the form below or contact our shop by calling (404)-998-4457.




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