Mercedes Restoration at Austrian Motors

Mercedes Restoration

Mercedes Restoration at Austrian Motors

If you own a Mercedes, you already know how incredible a Mercedes Restoration can be. At Austrian Motors, we recently experienced our very own Mercedes Restoration when Josi Waldschuetz (our co-founder) succeeded in restoring her 1959 SEb 220 Cabriolet at our shop near Atlanta, Georgia.

It can be incredible to see an old Mercedes run like new – especially after nearly six decades. How many brands can claim vehicles that last sixty years or more? That is what makes a Mercedes unique. We treat them like our children. We spend our hard earned money and time on them. They become an integral part of our lives.

Mercedes RestorationAt Austrian Motors, we are experts on all things Mercedes. Not only do we enjoy chipping in on a Mercedes Repair, but we specialize professionally in Mercedes diagnostics, transmission repair, parts, and general maintenance. The larger investment you put into your Mercedes (in both money and time), the more you’ll get back from the experience. 

While this Mercedes Restoration was Josi’s baby, we try to assist in finding parts for individuals interested in doing a restoration. We do not handle body work, but we do have resources. We are able to find and repair some parts. While there is a limit on what we can do with class car work, we love all things Mercedes – including our vendors.

We truly believe in keeping our customers happy and making their vehicles our first priority. We want you to be safe and relaxed while your Mercedes is in our care. Our qualified technicians will keep you updated every step of the way – especially if you have specific questions or have trouble understanding a repair.

At our independent Mercedes shop, we offer access to unique financing plans and ongoing specials. We don’t want to break the bank or make you miserable. As you can see by our Mercedes Restoration, these vehicles represent more than our careers. They represent a vehicle, a brand, and an idea that we truly care about.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at (404)-800-4753 or schedule an appointment online today. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to respond to your questions, comments, and concerns.

This Mercedes Restoration is so important to our shop because Josi Waldschuetz is the heart and soul of Austrian Motors. Originally from Austria, she began the company in the 1970s with her husband Rudi. In 1998, Josi decided to lead the team with premium customer service and expert care. She has instilled integrity, value, quality, and experience into our shop – not to mention an innovative spirit.

Josi and the Austrian Motors team love serving the community. We also enjoy working closely with our furry friends. Sherlock, a rescue dog from Atlanta Lab Rescue, was adopted by Josi in 2014. Now, Sherlock is part of the team.

We have a passion for Mercedes and luxury automobiles. Whether you need general maintenance, a serious repair, transmission work, or questions answered, our technicians will be there every step of the way. Our special and experienced team will keep you coming back for more. Don’t believe us? Our reviews speak for themselves.

The team at Austrian Motors is proud to see another beautiful Mercedes restored and running. We’ll be excited to take a look at your Mercedes too – no matter what the problem.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!