Why Choose Mercedes Transmission Service With Austrian Motors

Independent Mercedes Transmission Service Centers Are Reliable, Affordable and a Great Choice for Your Repairs and Maintenance Needs. Choose Mercedes transmission service with Austrian Motors in Atlanta. The question of how best to approach vehicle repair and maintenance remains a tricky one.

Independent Mercedes Transmission Service

Independent Mercedes Transmission Service Centers Are Reliable, Affordable and a Great Choice for Your Repairs and Maintenance Needs.

How often does a Mercedes-Benz really need to be serviced? Is it necessary to go to a dealership for repairs and maintenance or is an independent service center a smarter choice? How does a driver know if his service center is trustworthy and not recommending unneeded work? Vehicle repair shop-related myths and stereotypes run rampant. Often, motorists’ misconceptions surrounding car repair end up costing them time and money and causing vehicle performance to suffer.

Many drivers experience a thought process similar to the following:

“My Mercedes needs an oil change (or brake job, or repair, etc.) It’s under warranty, so I know I have to take it to the dealership. I’m sure Mercedes-Benz independent repair shops aren’t equipped to service this specialized car. The dealership is so far away, though. I can’t take time off of work to drive all the way out there. I’ll get there eventually. I’m sure it’s fine to put off the maintenance for a while until I can make it to the dealership. There’s an independent Mercedes-Benz service center a few miles away. I wish I could go there instead, but I don’t want to void my warranty. Besides, I only want a Mercedes transmission service specialist to work on my vehicle, and independent technicians aren’t specialists…”

First Misconception: Using A Dealer Alternative Will Void The Warranty

Simply put, the driver in the above example would not have sacrificed his warranty had he gone to an independent Mercedes repair shop.

Second Misconception: Delaying Maintenance Will Not Have An Impact On My Vehicle

The driver in the example is wrong in assuming that it’s okay to exceed the maintenance recommendations until he can find time to travel to a dealership. For optimal vehicle performance and safety, drivers should stick to the service recommendations. A reputable independent Mercedes service center is completely qualified to perform all routine maintenance; there’s no reason to delay it until a driver can get to a dealership.

Third Misconception: Independent Technicians Are Not Mercedes Transmission Service Experts

Again, not all Mercedes-Benz independent repair shops are the same. But in many shops, including Austrian Motors, the technicians are Mercedes factory trained and have the same expertise as dealership technicians. In fact, many have long histories working for dealerships and have decided they prefer working for an independent repair shop. Many of our Mercedes technicians have been working on Mercedes for over 20 years.

If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner looking for a convenient, top-quality dealership alternative for your car’s repair and maintenance needs, contact us. Austrian Motors has been Atlanta’s full-service independent Mercedes service center since 1974.

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