The Mercedes Star Experience

Mercedes Star ExperienceThe Mercedes Star Experience: A Global Initiative

For a limited time in European cities, the Mercedes Star Experience Road Show will be underway. This impressive show tours seven cities, and will allow visitors to test drive many of the brand’s newest automobiles – including sedans, super sport vehicles, and compact SUVs.

The opportunity to test drive new Mercedes Benz automobiles in Europe is just a small sample of the “Global Unity” that comes with the quality and prestige of the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes Benz automobiles are finely crafted and prepared with the customer in mind. Many owners of Mercedes Benz vehicles treat their products the same way they treat their children. A brand this impressive, with vehicles this luxurious, deserves only the best.

That’s where we come in – to give you a Mercedes Star Experience right here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your Independent Mercedes Repair Shop

At Austrian Motors, we pride ourselves in our ability to take care of your precious Mercedes Benz.

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Since 1974, under the direction of Josi Waldschuetz and her husband Rudi, we have provided exceptional service to owners of the Mercedes brand. We have been a trusted name in the Atlanta area for over thirty years, and we guarantee the integrity, quality, and value that you deserve.

We specialize in Mercedes transmission repair, diagnostics, part replacement, and general maintenance.

For interested customers, we highly recommend that you keep track of your Mercedes Benz Owner’s Manual. There, you will find the necessary information required to care for your vehicle properly.

As of 2009, all Mercedes Benz vehicles follow a strict maintenance schedule of 10,000 mile or 12 month intervals – whichever comes first. At this time, visit Austrian Motors for the routine service your vehicle needs to stay in peak operating condition.

Austrian Motors is familiar with both new and old Mercedes models. But, as an independent Mercedes shop, Austrian Motors is unable to honor factory warranties. Generally speaking, our focus is on 2012 models or older – or simply after your factory warranty expires.

Despite our focus, a number of new Mercedes Benz owners choose to service their automobile at Austrian Motors regardless of their factory warranty, and have done so since 1974. If you believe that hard work and value is of the utmost importance, we are more than happy to work with you outside of your existing warranty.

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Our Services

Mercedes lovers around the world agree that experience matters when it comes to building, maintaining, and repairing Mercedes Benz automobiles. Fortunately, we have that experience to share with you.

Creating our own Mercedes Star Experience by providing unbeatable service is a task that we take to heart. We believe in providing the best results for our customers, and have done so for the last thirty years. We have no intention of slowing down now.

For more information about Austrian Motors, please visit our official website.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!