Mercedes Benz Attention Assist

Austrian Motors in Atlanta shares important information about Mercedes Benz Safety Features with customers. In this post, we want to talk about Mercedes Benz Attention Assist. Newer Mercedes models may have this feature to alert drivers on the road to fatigue.

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Mercedes Benz Attention Assist is an industry-first technology designed to alert drivers when they begin showing signs of fatigue behind the wheel. The system not only makes the driver aware of behavior that may be influenced by drowsiness, but it also helps drivers correct their errors.

When you own a Mercedes Benz, long trips don’t seem quite as daunting. With superior comfort and ride quality, exceptional sound, and plenty of horsepower to keep things exciting, a Mercedes Benz will change the way you look at lengthy business travel or weekend trips back home to visit the folks. No matter how great the driving experience, however, long trips are prone to drowsiness. To help drivers recognize inattentive driving due to fatigue, Mercedes Benz developed Attention Assist, one of many active safety features available in newer models.

The ability of Mercedes Benz Attention Assist to accurately measure sleepy drivers and fatigue may sound like an incredibly difficult feat but, much like Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist, it has helped many drivers become more aware of their surroundings.

How Does Mercedes Benz Attention Assist Work?

So, how exactly does Mercedes Benz Attention Assist work? Well, it all starts within a few minutes of entering the vehicle. Soon after drivers begin on their journey, the system creates an individual profile of the driver, recognizing behavior while the driver is fully alert. That profile is used as the basis for comparison during the rest of the drive.

The Attention Assist program uses a highly sensitive sensor that monitors and records steering movement and speed. Research done by Mercedes Benz showed that, when drivers are fatigued, they will change their steering behaviors and make more errors, which are normally quickly corrected. When Attention Assist recognizes that the vehicle is drifting and being quickly readjusted back onto the center or the road (or notices an overall change in driving behavior), it will go on to check several other parameters to see if the change is due to fatigue.

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Mercedes Benz Attention Assist will examine considerations such as time behind the wheel, driver activity, weather and road surface influences, as well as a variety of other factors that may be causing irregular driving behavior. If the system determines drowsiness is the cause, it will send an audible and visible alert letting the driver know it’s time to take break.

While Mercedes Benz offers a number of technologies to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings, Attention Assist is the industry’s only technology that helps drivers monitor their own behavior.

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