Mercedes Benz Care & Ownership

Have you ever compared owning your Mercedes Benz to having a baby? If so, you aren’t alone. Owning a Mercedes Benz requires constant care, love, and affection. Mercedes Benz care has likely become an important aspect of your life – taking up more than one afternoon each month. After all, these quality vehicles are precious, expensive, and gorgeous. It seems only natural that we strive to keep them running in top notch condition.

At Austrian Motors, we understand that Mercedes Benz care is vital to your daily routine. Proper maintenance and service is required, and the best technicians are needed to ensure that you are included in the process. We take great care to keep you involved as we work with your vehicle, both inside and outside.

Mercedes Specials Mercedes Benz Care

To help us with this process, it is important that you keep your vehicle’s maintenance manual readily at hand. This way, we know which service our technicians will perform during your routine service visits. Keep in mind that service visits are necessary for the long-term health of your Mercedes Benz and the safety of your passengers.

If you aren’t certain what your vehicle needs for scheduled service, feel free to consult with us. We are usually able to provide an estimation. We can also provide the work to back it up!

In general, proper Mercedes Benz care should involve ten thousand miles or twelve month intervals for regular maintenance. This will keep your vehicle in peak operating condition, and will also help avoid unnecessary damage. This applies to all Mercedes Benz vehicles manufactured after 2009.

Austrian Motors also provides diagnostic tests,¬†transmission repair, and general maintenance for Mercedes Benz vehicles. We have decades of experience in the Atlanta area, and we take great pride in our regular customers. For over thirty years, we have been your go-to independent Mercedes service center, providing an experience that will continue to impress you for years to come. If you don’t believe us, come check us out for yourself!

For more information about our company, please feel free to visit our official website. There, you can learn more about us, view our services, read more about financing, check out our blog, read our reviews, register to win free discounts and prizes, contact us, or schedule an appointment.

Owning a Mercedes Benz is a big deal. Keeping up with proper Mercedes Benz care is even more important.

We look forward to seeing you soon!