Mercedes Air Conditioning Issues

Mercedes Air Conditioning mercedes-carAtlanta’s Summer Heat Affects Mercedes Air Conditioning

If you are struggling to keep your Mercedes Air Conditioning running properly, we know how you feel. The summer heat in Georgia can greatly affect your vehicle’s air conditioning system – leaving you with a less-than-comfortable situation for your summer driving needs. If you are looking for a successful, independent Mercedes-Benz shop that specializes in working closely with you and your baby, look no further than Austrian Motors. Here, our job is to keep you safe and comfortable – and to keep your vehicle healthy and happy!

The Future of Mercedes Air Conditioning

When the 2017 E-Class debuts next year, the Mercedes-Benz will be marketed for its self-driving capabilities and electronic safety ads. You won’t see many advertisements talking about a less sexy but ultimately important feature: the new Mercedes Air Conditioning System.

This system will market a carbon-dioxide refrigerant, eco-friendly alternative that promises better fuel economy, quicker cooling, and faster defrosting. You won’t face nearly as many Mercedes Air Conditioning issues with the new system! If that isn’t good news, we’re not sure what is.

If you invest in a new system, you’ll be ahead of the game. Mercedes-Benz is pushing forward to stay ahead on eco-friendly air conditioning – and it is also promising to limit additional Mercedes Air Conditioning issues! Receive a $25.00 discount the month of August 2016 for all ¬†Air Conditioning¬†repairs and service.

For Those Who Aren’t Upgrading…

If you aren’t upgrading to a new class in 2017 – no worries! Austrian Motors can still help you save when the time comes to repair your air conditioning system. We work hard to ensure that you walk away happy, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that they are involved every step of the way.

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