Mercedes Maintenance & Cabin Air Filter

What is the Cabin Air Filter for and why do you need to replace it?

Cabin Air Filter for Mercedes Benz Automobiles


 A cabin air filter is found in most vehicles.  This specific filter cleans the air that is coming in through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Not only does the cabin air filter remove pollens and unpleasant smells, the cabin air filter can also aid in removing microbial bacteria that filter in from the ventilation system, making the air you breath in your vehicle much cleaner. You need to replace the cabin air filter around 12,000-15,000 miles or when you have your oil changed you should have the cabin air filter checked out. Austrian Motors is located in West Midtown Atlanta and offers scheduled maintenance for Mercedes Benz Vehicles.  Cabin air filter cleaning and replacement is essential to the health of your vehicle. Schedule your Mercedes Maintenance appointment today. 
When you own a Mercedes Benz you want to take good care of your vehicle. Maintaining the longevity of your vehicle is highly dependent on the service and maintenance you have performed on your vehicle.  Follow your Mercedes Maintenance Schedule.  If you live in the city with a lot of pollen like our hometown Atlanta, you should have the cabin air filter cleaned and or changed even more frequently than suggested in the  owners manual. 

The Cabin Air Filter can save your  Mercedes Interior!

If your Mercedes Benz has beige, tan or grey interior it is especially critical to replace your cabin filter in order to keep dirt out of the interior of your vehicle.  Excess dirt trapped in the cabin air filter can get pushed out into your vehicle through the HVAC system, causing your once beautiful interior to get dirty and dingy.  Schedule your Mercedes maintenance with Austrian Motors today; Austrian Motors is your in-town independent Mercedes Benz maintenance repair & service center for over 40 years.
Other signs that your Air filter is overdue for a change is if the heating and air conditioner is not pushing out full air.  One thing you don’t want to have in Atlanta as summer approaches is no air conditioner.  Get your air filter checked out as well as your HVAC system.  Austrian Motors is the only non-dealership Mercedes Benz service center with the factory Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic tool.
The Star Diagnostic Tool is a specialized on board diagnostic reader calibrated especially for Mercedes Benz.  The technology allows us to specifically diagnose the exact problem in your Mercedes, making for the most accurate repair.
When you have a your Mercedes serviced make sure to ask to see your cabin air filter.  You may be surprised at what you see.  It will be dirty, and this is the only filter in the vehicle that keeps the outside dirt and grit out of the interior of your beautiful Mercedes.  Your cabin air filter that needs to be replaced may have twigs, leaves, small bugs, and microscopic microbial particles.  The cabin air filter protects the interior of your vehicle and the pollution levels in your vehicle.


For over 30 years Austrian Motors has been focused exclusively on Mercedes Benz Service & Repair. We’re conveniently located on the corner of 14th street and Northside Drive in the heart of Midtown Atlanta near Buckhead Ga. We know that preventive maintenance is always the best approach to the overall health of your Mercedes.
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