Atlanta Mercedes Maintenance

Mercedes Maintenance & Repair  Centers versus Auto Repair Shops

There is a huge difference between taking your Mercedes for an oil change on occasion and being committed to a regular scheduled Mercedes Maintenance Program.  Following recommended services can be the determining factor for the longevity of your vehicle. Austrian Motors is your Atlanta choice for Mercedes Maintenance and Repair.  Schedule your appointment today!

The Myth about Mercedes Maintenance and A Service

There is a myth that “Mercedes Maintenance” or A service is just a fancy word for “oil change”, The importance of having your vehicle serviced at a specialized Mercedes Maintenance repair & service center or your local dealer cannot be stressed enough.

Mercedes Maintenance Specialty Shops

Being committed to a regular scheduled Mercedes Maintenance program guarantees the live of your Mercedes.

Mercedes AMG Maintenance Atlanta To understand the difference between a regular oil change and a professional service you have to understand the dynamics and the complexity of certain Mercedes Models. AMG packages for an example require special knowledge to to get to the oil filter,  and trust us some are in seemingly odd places. Our trained Mercedes Mechanics refer to our MB USA online capability (we are online with Mercedes Benz USA), to find out specifics when needed.  Although this article does not go in depth about  how a Mercedes A-service or any Mercedes Maintenance required is actually performed, we will however cover the basics of why a service interval is essential to the quality and safety of your Mercedes performance and nevertheless the prevention of future cost of repairs.

Austrian Motors Mercedes Maintenance Offers

Our current offers include the A-Service for $119 for the month of June 2016.

At Austrian Motors we take scheduled Mercedes Maintenance and service serious and we take the initiative to educate our customers about their Mercedes, not only do we make recommendations for necessary repairs but we also explain the reason for our recommendations and help our customers budget for future repairs and preventive maintenance so take care of what is the most important first in order to operate a safe vehicle.

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While some other auto repair facilities try to sell you additional services your car may not need, we follow a very strict schedule specifically designed by Mercedes for your year and model, our goal is to optimize the performance and increase the life of your vehicle by conducting Mercedes Maintenance the right way.

We perform a thorough inspection of your drive train and braking elements, make notes and recommendations, we inspect your tires and suspension and of course replace your oil filter and crush nut with original factory Mercedes parts, (or factory quality parts) we top all fluids and we  measure the quality of fluids and advice if flushing is required. We always clean you air filters and only if necessary recommend replacing it so you can rest assured that we will not try to sale you new air filters as most places would. We  lubricate all hinges and joints of your car and on convertible tops we use specific products to ensure durability and long lasting mechanism and a great looking car.

Why Austrian for your Mercedes Maintenance?

At Austrian Motors we value loyalty and reward repeat customers with a free oil change every 5th time. We also offer “first time customers”  a free oil change when you come to us immediately after your factory warranty expires and free Mercedes Maintenance is no longer offered by the dealer you purchased your vehicle from.

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