Pre-Purchase Inspection on Your New Mercedes Benz

Pre-purchase inspection on pre owned mercedesHow can you avoid expensive mistakes with a pre-purchase inspection

Are you thinking about purchasing a used Mercedes Benz, but you’re not sure if you’re going to get a Mercedes with tons of problems, or a smooth ride right out of the gate?  Don’t jump into a vehicle that you are unsure of.  Austrian Motors is an Independent Mercedes Benz repair and service center.  We have the Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool, that we can utilize to give you an unbiased and accurate reading of the problems of the vehicle you’re looking at. Schedule your pre-purchase inspection today for only $225!

Before You Buy:

First ensure the car you’re considering buying has detailed service records. German cars from luxury automakers tend to come with higher maintenance costs, so a quick glance through the service records will help you shorten a long list of potential purchases.

A few parts are noted to wear out relatively quick on the C-Class, like brake-pads, tires and steering rack bushings. See if these components have been replaced lately, or if they’re replaced often on the car you’re considering in order to see what kind of budget you should set aside for maintenance. Many Mercedes Benz owners do not realize that they can have their Mercedes Benz Maintenance, Service & Repair work done by an independent service center for a reasonable cost without affecting their warranties. Austrian Motors is online with Mercedes Benz USA and uses factory diagnostic equipment.

Electronics can be a temperamental in the C-Class, so ensure that the central locking system, remote trunk release and power windows all work properly. One particularly expensive repair is with the Signal Acquisition and Actuation module, which can cause lights (reverse lights, signals, and brake lights) to stay on or not activate, generally causing a headache for owners.

Most models have a few technical service bulletins that deal with a variety of issues. Most common with the C-Class are problems related to electronics including exterior lights and small motors within the car that operate the seats, belts and other functions. Take a good look through the service records to see if any repairs have been carried out.

The C-Class of this generation has also been affected by some recalls. Models from 2008 – 2011 have an issue with the tail-lights, which may not illuminate when you brake. Another recall for 2010 models involve the loss of power-steering, while 2011 and 2012 C300 models have a recall involving the fuel filter.

Take the vehicle to Austrian Motors conveniently located in West Midtown Atlanta and we can give you a pre-purchase diagnostic on the Mercedes you are looking to buy for only $225, know before you buy.  Don’t trust the dealership, they just want to sell you the car.  Austrian Motors is a objective local Mercedes Benz service and repair shop that puts you first.  Schedule today!