Happy Customers in Atlanta: The Heart Of Austrian Motors

Happy customers with repaired mercedes benz in Atlanta Happy Customers in Atlanta Are The Heart Of Austrian Motors: Your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance and Repair Shop

Austrian Motors of Atlanta loves to hear from our happy customers in Atlanta. Josi Waldschuetz is originally from Austria, and has been leading the team at Austrian Motors for over 20 years. Josi & her husband Rudi originally opened Austrian Motors in 1974, which would make them the proud owners for over 40 years.

Austrian Motors has been “A Trusted Name in Atlanta Mercedes repair for over 40 years.” In 1998 Josi committed to leading Austrian Motors in to the future by continuing to provide premium customer service to existing and new Mercedes Benz owners.

At Austrian Motors you can expect: Integrity, Quality, Value and the Experience you deserve.


Austrian Motors is proud to be one of Atlanta’s oldest family-owned and operated, independent dealerships for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Since 1972, we have worked exclusively with Mercedes-Benz, and we can assure you that our factory-trained technicians will handle your every need.

At Austrian Motors, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and parts from the minute you enter our dealership, throughout the life of your vehicle and beyond. We look forward to meeting you in person and we hope the information provided on our website will help you get to know us better.

As owners of the world’s preeminent automobile, you are used to the highest standards. We have been a BOSCH Authorized Service Center for over 25 years. We have a passion for complete customer care.

At Austrian Motors Mercedes Benz Repair & Service located in West Midtown Atlanta near Buckhead Georgia, we value the community and what they have to say about our service. Check out a few of our most recent raving reviews.

From Harold Seitz,

I thought that you might be interested in knowing that after driving two days, it seems that our replacing the rear struts solved the “bumping” noise at the rear of the car. I am delighted since I recognized that I was taking a bit of a risk with no guarantee that the strut was the cause of the noise.  Your professional advice, attentiveness, quality of execution and a price more reasonable than some dealerships is noteworthy. My E 350 has now found a new home for service.  Also, I wish to thank Ernst for his assistance in discussing the noise issue and his initiative in addressing the small problem at the front grill. A nice solution.

Interestingly, tomorrow morning I will be having breakfast with a friend who drives a 2008 or 2009 E Class.  I will certainly recommend that he come and visit Austrian Motors!  This summer, I will bring to you my 1998 SL (9,000 miles) for the annual service.

From Manuel Koslitsch,

I brought my 2002 ML500 to an other shop first. One with big shiny windows so you think you have to be a part of the high society. This shop told me I need a new transmission. Estimated this work between $7000-$10.000. This is pretty much the death call for a 2002 car.

After a little bit research I found Austrian motors in the web I thought just give it a try. Called in and was able to bring my car in on the same day. Josy took directly care and my care went straight on diagnostic. 30 minutes later again the information it’s the transmission. I was waiting for the estimate of $7000+. Joey told me the price of about $4000, a smile came up. This is a possible and afford able repair and still makes sense to do this to the car. Appointment one week later and I also got an extra priority in the shop because I needed the car 3 days later back.

To shorten this a little bit. Car was in the shop and I received a call from Josy. She started with the sentence “Why do you want to replace this transmission”. From there she just made my day. The mechanic found oil and water in the transmission control unit. Cleans it out and went for a test drive. No shifting issues. Austrian motors just made an transmission service and my ML500 shifts like a champ. This shop really looks into the problems of the car and only fixes what is necessary; every other shop would have given me a new transmission. Big thank you to the team of Austrian motors. I definitely come back to get my car taken care of.

Mercedes Owner,

I’ve been taking my 2007 Mercedes C Class to Austrian Motor Works for about 5 years. Everyone there is highly competent and very friendly. Most importantly to me, they are trustworthy. At a recent visit, they did not charge me for a service that I expected to be expensive. I fully trust them to only do work that is needed and to charge appropriately for the work done. I highly recommend, especially for older Mercedes. My C class has 240,000 miles on it, which is a testament to the care Austrian Motor Works has put into it.

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