Tips for keeping your Mercedes running in winter weather

star-diagnosticKeeping Your Mercedes Running In Winter Weather Just Takes A Little Planning


Over the last week we saw temperatures plummet to 20 degrees, setting records in Atlanta for an all time low. Here in Atlanta we are no stranger to rain, but freezing weather is a different story. Because of lack of planning, many of us may have run into troubles with our homes and our cars. You may have seen frozen pipes or the inability to start your vehicle. Austrian Motors has some excellent tips on how to keep your Mercedes running in winter weather.


  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid frozen gas lines. Moisture can accumulate in the gas line, and because water is heavier than gas, the water will settle into the fuel system, which could cause issues with your Mercedes fuel pump. It is always better to be half full rather than half empty.
  • Check your battery. Severe cold can drain older car batteries. If the battery is dead you’ll need a jump to get back on the road. Always make sure that you have battery cables in your winter survival kit.
  • Make sure you have the proper amount of antifreeze. Too much water or too little antifreeze can lead to a crack in your engine block.
  • Avoid using the parking brake if you can. It can freeze in the on position, leaving you stranded. Trying to disengage a frozen parking break will make you break a sweat so just don’t use it.
  • If your doors or locks frozen shut, use a de-icer or some form of heat to loosen frozen doors. Don’t combine the two, as de-icer is flammable. DO NOT use hot water as it can quickly refreeze in such harsh cold temperatures, making the problem worse. If you have a manual lock try running your key through a lighter’s flame a few times to warm up the lock. Also, it helps to check the other doors. Just because one door is frozen doesn’t mean that they are all frozen.
  • If your windshield is covered with ice, let the car run to melt it, or use a scraper. DO NOT pour hot water on your windshield. Your windshield will crack.
  • Warm up your vehicle, aiming for at least five minutes to get the oil moving through the engine. Be sure to open the garage and clear the tailpipe of snow or mud before heating up a vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep your doors locked. Insurance doesn’t cover a stolen vehicle that was warming up. Driving off right after your start your Mercedes without the proper warm up can cause a lot of damage to the moving parts in your vehicle
  • Keep a winter survival kit in your car in case of emergencies. Always keep a fully charged cell phone or even spare car charger with you, as well as abrasive materials such as sand or kitty litter or traction mats for when you’re stuck in the snow. You never know when you might need a scraper. Rain can freeze, and a scraper is the quickest way to remove any unwanted ice or snow. Also, water. Keep at least one gallon of water in your trunk. You also should have at least one heavy blanket in the trunk in case you get stuck. You cannot keep your car running if your stuck, you will poison yourself as well as run out of gas. Also, keep a brightly colored flag in your Mercedes. If you are ever stuck, attach the flag to a visible part of your vehicle, the police or a Good Samaritan will see it, and help you out.


Always remember to keep your Mercedes running in winter weather it just takes you. Be kind to your Mercedes and it will be kind to you. If you ever run into any problems with your Mercedes or are looking for Mercedes repairs, Austrian Motors of Atlanta is your in town choice for Mercedes Repair.


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