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mercedes-transmission specialsMercedes Transmission issues are stressful and in 2010 Mercedes Benz redesigned their automatic transmission, to which they now refer to the transmission as the 7G Tronic Plus. Previous to 2010 Mercedes transmissions was just the 7G Tronic.  This sounds like a cryptic code, but you don’t have to worry at Austrian Motors of Atlanta.  Austrian motors is one of few Mercedes Benz certified service center.  We utilize the factory Mercedes Benz diagnostic tools which is vital to discovering the true issue with your Mercedes transmission. Contact Austrian Motors of Atlanta Today if your are experiencing any of the following problems with your Mercedes transmission.

Is Your Mercedes Benz Facing any of these Mercedes Transmission Problems?

  1. Burnt smelling transmission fluid (dark in color): Austrian Motors will perform a factory Mercedes Benz diagnostic on your Mercedes Automobile.  We will then assess the issue and advise you on the services that are necessary. The smell of burnt fluid can indicate high levels of clutch wear (or many other reasons) and friction leading to high heat buildup. Evidence of metallic dust in the bottom of the pan can mean excess gear or bearing wear. Schedule an Appointment Today, and we will get to the bottom of your Mercedes transmission issue.
  2. Fine metallic particles in the bottom of the oil pan:  This may be caused by too much gear or bearing wear, or grinding of gears that causes particles to be shaved off your gears.
  3. Delay in shifting out of park: If your Mercedes takes more than 1 second to engage in reverse or drive, this could be a sign of transmission failure.  Schedule your Mercedes Diagnostic Today, and discover what the problem may be.
  4. Won’t shift into higher gears:  Whatever you do, stop and bring your vehicle to Austrian Motors.  Your transmission needs immediate care and we can prevent further damage to your Mercedes Benz.  At Austrian Motors of Atlanta, you can count on a plan of action for your Mercedes.
  5. Transmission jerks or slips between shifts: Your transmission may not need to be replaced, and often transmission shops claim that transmissions need to be rebuilt when indeed a repair or service will do the trick. For example your Mercedes transmission and engine may have only needed to be tuned up, or the vacuum system checked for leaks.  At Austrian Motors we perform a factory Mercedes Benz Diagnostics through the Star Diagnostic tool  and are online with Mercedes Benz. We are determined to  find out the root problem to your Mercedes issue.

As owners of the world’s preeminent automobile, you are used to the highest standards. We have been a BOSCH Authorized Service Center for over 25 years and have passion for complete 5 Star customer Service.

Austrian Motors has been Atlanta’s in-town independent choice for Mercedes Benz Repair and Mercedes Benz Service since 1974.

Austrian Motors is located in the prestige west midtown atlanta area and as a “Bosch Authorized Service Center”, we assure quality comes first.

The Star Diagnostic Mercedes Benz Tool (Mercedes Factory Diagnostic Tool)  is used to diagnose any potential issue. No guessing on your Mercedes.


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