Mercedes Benz Maintenance Spring & Summer Tips  2015

mercedes specials pageAustrian Motors Mercedes Benz Repair & Service Center is located in West Midtown Atlanta, near Buckhead  and recommends regular scheduled Maintenance for your Mercedes Automobile, as well as seasonal Maintenance.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance: Air Conditioning Service 

Prior to the soon to be arriving hot summer month in Atlanta, make sure that your Mercedes Air Conditioning gets inspected for potential issues, as well as just to check refrigerant, as it protects air conditioning components and keeps your AC system operating at peak efficiency, lowering fuel costs and keeping you cool.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance: Headlights/Other Lights  

With longer days and shorter nights, you use the lights in your Mercedes-Benz less during the spring and summer months. Regardless visibility and safety is always a good reason to make sure they are in proper working order by checking your tail lights, parking lights, stop lights, fog lights, and emergency flashers. It’s important for you to see on the road and others to see you. And as you know we are guaranteed to get lots of heavy rain showers in spring and summer. In addition, don’t you hate getting a ticket for a broken light?

Mercedes Benz Maintenance: Windshield Wipers

Spring and Summer Showers are part of the daily occurrence in Atlanta.

Wiper blades wear down in heat, so it’s imperative to check them after the summer has passed. Then, replace if necessary, so they are in proper working condition for the rainy months ahead. Wiper blades also help you clear any debris off your windshield. Maintaining them is necessary to keep them from scratching the window. As a general rule of thumb, wiper blades should be replaced at least once a year.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance: Brakes

GET your brakes checked, since it IS NATIONAL CARE AWARENESS  Month. Now is the time to do it. SPRING showers and wet roadways on streets can make braking more difficult, for you. Have your brakes routinely checked by us, your Atlanta Mercedes-Benz service center. Receive 15% off on Mercedes Brake Repairs for the entire Month of April 2015.

Mercedes Benz Tires

Your tires need to be checked so you don’t have any problems stopping on the wet roads. ALLOW AUSTRIAN MOTORS to check your tire’s treads to make sure they aren’t visibly worn and are gripping to the road properly. It’s also a good idea to check your spare tire and make sure it is properly inflated in case you need it.

Yes its always a bummer when you have a flat tire and realize your spare tire is flat too.

Austrian Motors Mercedes Benz Repair & Service center can help you maintain and service your Mercedes Benz Automobile at reasonable cost. If you don’t have an expert Mercedes-Benz specialist, you will be in great hands with us.

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