Why Choose Austrian Motors For Mercedes Benz Repair

When you first purchased your Mercedes Benz from the dealership, you may have assumed it necessary to return to the dealership for maintenance and repairs. Fortunately for you, getting quality Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair doesn’t have to mean going to the dealership at all. If you want to save time, while still obtaining the same level of service; Mercedes Benz repair & service center can be the ideal option.

“Austrian Motors in West Midtown Atlanta has been a trusted choice among Mercedes Benz Automobile Owners since 1974.”


Dedication to Longevity

One of the best reasons to turn to an independent repair center for your Mercedes-Benz maintenance is their dedication to longevity.

Austrian Motors is dedicated, to their clients and committed to longevity.

A dealership makes most of their money on the sales of new and used cars. However, an independent Mercedes Benz repair shop, especially one that specializes in your make and model, is focused on making sure your vehicle remains in good operating condition; regardless of how long that may be.

Lower Prices are not necessarily the selling point.

A Mercedes-Benz dealership is more likely to use factory parts, and though these are often promoted as the best parts. Many parts obtained from other sources such as Bosch, which offers original quality Mercedes Benz parts, are equal in quality and come with an extended warranty. This means going to an independent Mercedes Benz Repair and Service Center, such as Austrian Motors, can often keep your repair and maintenance costs a bit lower, without worry over sacrificing the quality of the service. In fact, it is a common misconception going to these shops can void your warranty.

Austrian Motors is online (STAR Diagnostics) with Mercedes Benz USA; so are able to offer factory parts when  needed or when customers request it, for newer Mercedes-Benz models.


Personal Attention

Austrian Motors is known for providing the personal attention Mercedes Benz owners deserve, when dealing with Mercedes Benz maintenance and repairs. A Mercedes-Benz dealership, often handles large numbers of customers on a daily basis and does not take the time to provide quality service. When you take your Mercedes Benz to an independent, such as Austrian Motors you know that the owner will remember you and your car.



Dealerships often make it difficult for customers to bring their cars in for service. They don’t offer shuttle service for scheduled maintenance, nor do they offer a pick up service when they are done. In contrast, an independent shop typically offers more flexibility, as well as a number of other conveniences to make things easier for their customers. Some of these services include pickup and drop off options, loaner cars for extensive Mercedes Benz Repairs, as well as shuttle service to and from work.

Austrian Motors delivers consistent excellence to their Mercedes Benz Owners to accommodate their needs and give them peace of mind. When faced with choosing between an independent repair center or a Mercedes-Benz dealership, you may feel as if the dealership is the better choice when you have a brand new Mercedes Benz Automobile, however when you choose Austrian Motors, “Atlanta’s independent  Mercedes Benz Service Center”, you can be assured that you will save time without sacrificing the quality of service.

Austrian Motors gives their clients personal attention and offers more convenient services to make their experience more enjoyable.