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Austrian Motors Transmission RepairAustrian Motors Mercedes Transmission Service  & Repair

The ability to shift gears is essential to the proper operation of your Mercedes.  It affects not only the performance of your Mercedes luxury vehicle, but can also pose safety hazards. It is imperative to have your transmission maintained as advised by your owner’s manual, and serviced and repaired by a trained Mercedes professional. Do not wait until you suspect a potential issue with your transmission.


  1. Burnt odor and dark in color transmission fluid
  2. Fine metallic shavings and debris in the bottom of the oil pan
  3. Delay and/or complete inability in shifting out of park. Greater than 1 second to engage in drive or reverse
  4. Won’t shift into higher gears or does so reluctantly
  5. Transmission jerks or slips between shifts

#1 and #2 is an indication there is the possibility of a serious issue and there is not much more you can do than change the fluid and filter and make sure you take it to us to allow us to diagnose properly.

The smell of burnt fluid indicates high levels of clutch wear and friction that lead to high heat buildup. The presence of metallic shavings and debris in the bottom of the pan often means excess bearing and /or gear wear. This does not necessarily mean your transmission will fail next week but keeping the fluid clean, driving more careful, avoiding rapid acceleration and shifting manually if you can, will assist in extending the life of your transmission. MB USA does not recommend the use of  a transmission additive, though a lot of DIY Blogs recommend it so you can push more life out of a dying transmission. Please know that this additive can cause more harm than good. If you are not in the Atlanta area, make sure you go to an independent Mercedes Benz service center that utilizes Mercedes Benz factory equipment, such as the Star Diagnostic tool to properly diagnose the issue.

We do not recommend pre-mature replacement and are committed to providing you with options.

#3 is a good indication of total mileage wear if it takes longer than one second to engage the gear, it is probably normal  high mileage wear, usually over 150,000 miles and does not necessarily mean that you need a new transmission. If it takes longer than 2 seconds to engage, it is time to consider other options. At Austrian Motors we offer repair and rebuild  services for your transmission if it is possible and more cost effective. We also offer complete transmission replacement when needed. We offer a standard 36,000 mile or 36 month warranty.

#4 and #5 can mean a lot of different things and should not be a concern until you investigate further and bring it in for us to properly diagnose the root cause of your issue. We have qualified Mercedes Benz Technicians that have many years of experience and unlike most dealerships and auto repair shops, we believe in being conservative and not overly eager to replace at the first sign of excess wear. If you live in the Atlanta area simply schedule your Appointment with us sooner than later to assure you and your family are safe driving that vehicle. We are trained independent professionals and will take care of all your Mercedes  transmission issues. We have worked on many models since 1974 and experienced many different issues that appeared to be one thing and turned out to be another. We utilize the star diagnostic tool and are online with MB USA.

Remember that proper diagnosis always comes first.

Mercedes Diesel automobiles are serviced at Austrian Motors along with Mercedes gasoline powered models and high performance Mercedes AMG automobiles. Many different years and models come through our doors daily. We look forward to serving you in the near future. You do not have to wait for issues to occur prior to bringing your Mercedes for a check up.

We recommend regular service for your Mercedes Benz as outlined in your service/maintenance manual.


Depending on the model we will advise you on what services are due in order of priority, according to year, model and mileage.