The Star Diagnostic Tool is a specialized OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) reader calibrated specifically for Mercedes Benz.  How does it work? By reading the messages sent when your check engine light illuminates. Check engine lights are frightening. When they go off, there’s no telling what they mean or which part of the engine needs to be checked. Do you need to check it immediately? Is your life in danger? Can your Mercedes make it to a service center? The check engine light is designed simply to let the car owner know there is a problem. When you take the vehicle in for diagnosis, the mechanics and service experts will hook the car up to a machine that can read the OBD, and that will tell them exactly what triggered the check engine light.

In many service centers they will have a standard, run-of-the-mill OBD reader, and this works fine for many cars; however, your Mercedes needs something a little more fine- tuned. A standard OBD reader cannot decipher some of the basic information being transmitted, such as the make and model of your car, and can therefore lead mechanics to a false diagnosis. That is why the best Mercedes service centers use a Star Diagnostic Tool.

The technology behind a Star Diagnostic Tool allows its user to pinpoint the exact location of any malfunction in the Mercedes, regardless of the make, model, or generation. Without a Star Diagnostic Tool, mechanics can only offer a stab in the dark, potentially leaving the real problem unsolved. Fortunately here at Austrian Motors we have a fully up-to-date Star Diagnostic Tool. Our qualified Mercedes Benz Technicians are experienced and know how to utilize the tool to find even the most complex issue. Bringing your Mercedes to us for servicing means that you will receive the absolute best treatment and when you drive away, you will feel confident in knowing your Mercedes Benz was properly diagnosed and repaired accordingly.