Six Tips to Get Your Mercedes Ready for Summer

As well as being the month of showers before the flowers, April is also National Car Care month.  Winter was long and dreary, and your beloved Mercedes carried you through everything with fortitude and grace.  Now you owe your Benz some TLC so it will keep doing what it does best all year long. For those of you who don’t really know where to begin, the following list of tips should help you get a good start, and Austrian Motors can perform all of these tasks:
  • Fluid Levels:  Engines require thinner oil during the winter, so it moves freely through the engine. Consider an oil change and upgrade to a thicker oil. Depending on your model of Mercedes, it could be 10w-30 for winter and perhaps a 5w-30 for summer. While you are at it, also have the transmission checked and the coolant topped off. This might not apply for vehicle owners that remain in the south all year long, however for those of you who travel to cold climates frequently and or live there part of the year this certainly applies.
  • Tire Pressure: Sometimes the fluctuating temperatures can affect the air pressure in your tires, causing them to have less or more air than is safe.  Too much air and your ride will be excessively bouncy, too little and they run the risk of going flat. Check the air pressure as the days get warmer.
  • Battery Life: Over time, all batteries die, and winter definitely takes its toll.  To make sure that you aren’t left in the lurch by a worn out battery, consider having yours looked over and potentially replaced.
  • Brakes: While there is no salt on the roads in Atlanta, the wet conditions could wreak havoc on brake pads and rotors.  If you experience squeakiness or a whooshing sound coming from the breaks, it could mean they need to be replaced.
  • Alignment: As drivers know, it can be hard to dodge the high number of potholes throughout Atlanta, and hitting these craters can affect your car’s alignment. If you feel the car pulling to the left or right when you let go of the wheel, it could be due to tire pressure, or the car could need an alignment.
  • Wipers: The fluctuation in winter temperatures could have prematurely worn out your wiper blades. Have them replaced in preparation for the heavy showers of spring and summer.
These are just some of the things to consider now that National Car Care month is upon us.  Don’t wait!  Make an appointment with Austrian Motors today (404) 875-9256.