Why Choose a Bosch Authorized Mercedes Service Center

Bosch Authorized Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center

Did you know about the benefits that come when you do business with a Bosch Authorized Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Center?

Those who own or drive a Mercedes­ Benz tend to appreciate a reliably superior product. As a result, many take their vehicles only to Bosch Authorized Mercedes Service Centers. Like a Mercedes itself, a Bosch ­authorized center offers service that mirrors its reputation.

Unlike other dealerships and repair shops, Bosch Authorized Service Centers must undergo a rigorous certification process in order to carry the name. Factors for certification include client service, technicians’ skills and the design of the facilities. Due to these high standards for certification, drivers can be assured their cars will be treated with the utmost care at Bosch centers.

In addition to being linked with quality, the Bosch name is also closely associated with innovation. The brand’s slogan is “invented for life,” and this all ­encompassing view is reflected in its variety of high­ tech products. For Mercedes­ Benz vehicles and their owners, Bosch service and parts combine new technology with traditional respect for the customer.

The emphasis on innovation extends to those who work for Bosch. The company’s training courses are renowned for bringing technicians thoroughly up to speed on the latest processes and techniques. As Mercedes ­Benz offers its driver both performance and safety; Bosch maintains both while other centers might overlook one or the other.

Bosch Car Service Centers are owned independently but operated with the devotion to quality shared by both Bosch and Mercedes. The global network of Bosch centers contains over 15,000 members, and we are one of them!

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