Mercedes Convertible Roof Repair and Maintenance

Mercedes Convertible Roof Maintenance and Repair

With the longer days, the warmer breezes, and the bluer skies fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about maintenance or repairs to the convertible top on your Mercedes. Winter can be rough, even in Atlanta, and can take a toll even on the most well protected vehicles, so it is a good idea to have some basic maintenance performed on your cars convertible system before you take it out for a pleasure drive.

While most serious damage—such as a torn roof—can be easily seen with the naked eye, and easily fixed by our specialists at Austrian Motors. However, there are also some not-uncommon issues that might lie beneath the surface. For instance, the complex hydraulic system that raises and lowers most convertible Benz roofs, could have sprung a leak, need a replacement pump, or need additional fluid. There are also many electrical connections needed to open and close the roof, and these may have suffered during the colder months, leaving you with fried fuses, bad wiring, or a host of other problems.

It is best to get these things looked at BEFORE you find yourself with a malfunctioning convertible top. It will save inconvenience , as well as prevent some other problems which could arise as a result.

Visit Austrian Motors in Midtown Atlanta. Our trained professionals will examine your Mercedes and give a detailed list of Mercedes Convertible roof repair and maintenance, to be sure your convertible top is in perfect operation.